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BugBee A and S, LLC brings over 19+ years of experience to the decision making process. Having worked with the top tier automation providers, we have the knowledge to assist your company in taking process control automation to the next level.

Industrial Controls & SCADA Systems

BugBee A and S designs and manufactures complete hardware and software solutions to collect and relay information, often, incorporating SCADA systems.

Planning for current needs, a user-friendly interface is a key element of industrial controls. Thinking to the future, scalability of a system is also an important element. At BugBee A and S we work collaboratively with you to ensure that we are helping meet your complete needs now, and in the future.

No matter how complex your industrial control and SCADA system requirement is, or in what industry (gas, petroleum, food processing, water or wastewater treatment, institutional or commercial building automation, or others), we have the expertise and the experience to address your needs.

Contact us to learn more about our industrial controls and SCADA systems.

System Integration

Our systems integration process allows us to design and build custom process control systems to meet your requirements. With the consistent use of international, open communication standards, the integration of automation components can be more easily implemented using components from a wide range of vendors compared with systems of the past. Systems can also be a hybrid of new machine technologies with existing machinery, further extending the life of older equipment.

Other benefits include:

  • Create and provide more intuitive operation of equipment via custom designs for the human-machine interface
  • Reduce labour costs with more efficient technology requiring a lower skill level to operate
  • Increase reliability of existing equipment with the integration of new controls
  • Complete system monitoring means reduced equipment downtime
  • Improve quality and productivity through the use of advanced monitoring

In addition, the systems we integrate are readily scalable based on the size of space, and on technical functionality requirements.

The BugBee A and S team works collaboratively with our clients to ensure that you receive the best solution for your application. Our multi-functional team includes experienced design engineers, technicians, and technologists.

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Do you have a Bristol Babcock 33XX RTU or a TeleFLow, TeleFlow Plus, or TeleRTU that you need changes done to the ACCOL II load like PID, Measurement, adding another Run, adding another slave, or sending new needed data to the Host System? Here at BugBee A&S we have over 17 plus years working with the Bristol line of RTUs and EFM. Let us take a look at what can be done to the load before you just give up and buy something new. Let us take the Bugs out of your system without the Sting of the price.

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