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My name is Bill Bugbee, Jr., President of BugBee A and S, LLC. I began my career in the process control industry as a field service engineer for one of the top market leaders, Bristol Babcock, Inc. My career, of more than 19+ years, has allowed me the opportunity to work with, and for, many high profile companies providing top quality process automation and integration services.

As a programmer and field service engineer for Bristol Babcock, Inc., I was challenged with and successfully implemented several water & waste water control systems, Gas Transmission Control Sites, and Gas Production Site. This charge included all of the ACCOL II programming, SCADA system configurations, display development and report definitions as well as total project management.

Then I was promoted to Dallas District Manager for Bristol Babcock Inc.. Bristol had recently released their new ControlWave product line and my job was to work with a team lead to provide measurement and control programming utilizing the IEC61131-3 industry standard programming language. I worked with the team lead developer of the gas flow computer program that is provided with the product today. Bristol Babcock has since become Remote Automation Solutions, an Emerson Process Management company.

Most recently I worked as a Global Sales Manager and then Global Product Manager for ThermFisher Scientific. I spent many hours travelling to potential customer sites performing product demonstrations and providing system level support. From this work came three new product lines the Autopilot Pro XL, Autopilot Pro CO2, and Autopilot Pro liquid.

In 2013, I decided to offer my services to companies in need of process control automation support. My goal is to provide top quality support for all needs within the process control automation industry.

With our team I know we have the knowledge to provide the solutions you need to Identifying Your Process Control Needs, repair and protection against erosion, corrosion, cavitation, chemical attack, abrasion, impact, microbiological growth, as well as infrastructural problems including but not limited to roofs, walls, and floors.

We formulate and engineer top solutions to protect and extend the life of an asset while remaining cost-efficient, in other words, maximizing the return on investment.

Why us?

BugBee A&S prides itself on partnering with our customer base on customized service delivery plans. Our approach is to sit with you and together develop a detailed customized plan to support your project’s needs coupled with your project’s budget levels. Together we determine your project’s priorities and also review your critical needs so we can best develop a Service Plan for your project. To date we have been successful in our partnerships because it is just that: a partnership. We’ll work to develop a plan that compliments your existing team and their needs.

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